Android, I phone and windows Apps development

Building applications is distinct from building larger scale desktop or web based applications. Challenges, deadlines and mode of development is different but most skills are reasonably transferable as all software needs to be stable, responsive and secure.

At kreativ, we use our development skills to create as much cross platform re-usable code as possible so that we can spend our time on the parts that really matter to the end user: usability.

We develop mobile applications for the following platforms:

  • Android
  • I pad
  • I phone
  • Windows phone

With the increase of usage of smart phone in India. People started searching the things they want through their smart phones. 80% of smart phone users in India use android rest rely on other smart phones. Research suggests that the usage of smart phone will increase 4times in India as well as abroad.

[Test image]Reach your customers before they come to you with a creative and quality smart phone application from kreativ web solutions.

With our built in capabilities in the web and desktop application and support from the superior android developers we have started the development of smart phone applications Since 1 year. Developed a half a dozen of apps and few in development stage in our work place.

Augment your online business with a smart phone and attract more customer base to your business.

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